About DeltaMOOCx

DeltaMOOCX course platform was established in 2014, sponsored by the Culture and Education Fund chairman Bruce Cheng, Delta Electronics, and in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Preschool Education Department, the National Institute of Education, National Taipei University of Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology . Education expert Professor Peng Zongping served by the program host. Schools and research institutions responsible for providing curriculum and review content, Delta Electronics Foundation to inject capital and operating manpower, Czech gilt company responsible for the development of online technology, Ai Erda station responsible for recording images can create a public network of Learning platform.

Curriculum design platform in two parts, part of the high school curriculum, DeltaMOOCx network designed specifically for the natural sciences study courses, combining high school group specialist centers mathematics, physics, biological, chemical, earth, electrical and electronic high total to a hundred teachers group, the establishment of learning materials, assessment and online consultation mechanism, so that students get a sense of accomplishment from self-teaching materials to enhance students' learning motivation and success.

Automated learning process some universities, DeltaMOOCx is to enhance domestic automation-related student to teach

Delta Electronics Foundation will be the promotion of DeltaMOOCx hope of course, so that domestic students synchronization and the use of digital technology in the world far and wide, to make up the gap between urban and rural school with a fall of long-standing problem of domestic education, so that knowledge is more popular , more equal rights to education, so that the young generation to face future challenges more fully prepared.

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